Lucia Baldelli

Lucia Baldelli is a passionate Professional and Enterprise Coach with nearly 20 years’ experience in Agile Transformations of geographically distributed enterprises.

Her mission is to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve the goals they design and leave self-sustainable systems at the end of her engagement.

Lucia has a passion for professional coaching and enjoys supporting others in their discovery towards an increased awareness, performance and fulfilment and she does that in a creative way.  

Lucia has ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) qualifications.
She is an ICF and ICAgile Instructor, a Path to CSP Educator and a mentor for the Scrum Alliance Path to Coaching program.

Lucia is an ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) practitioner and uses Systems Coaching when she works with teams and large groups.

She mentors other Coaches and Scrum Masters who want to become better professionals and achieve ICF ACC/PCC and CTC qualifications.
She is actively involved in the international Agile community as an organiser, speaker and volunteer.

If you want to talk to her, please leave a message here.

What they say about her

I loved my coaching sessions with Lucia.  She is warm and friendly and at the same time goal-focused and sharp.  She asks great and insightful questions that really help you to think.  She is also a fantastic listener. Lucia uses different ways to help you achieve your goal and is skilled at identifying personal blocks or traps.
She uses metaphors in a very clever way to help you think differently or to help make complicated topics easy to explain. 
She was brilliant at finding out what has been stopping me and what has been getting in the way… and actually how I have been getting in my own way!
Lucia’s coaching helped me to move my business forward, and also reminded me to focus on the successes I had achieved. Thank you Lucia!

Barbara Frodsham, Executive Coach (United Kingdom)

Lucia has an inner light and a tangible sense of joy that permeates her coaching.  Having little to do with what she does, it is simply who she is.  The effect is to bring the client a wonderful sense of possibility and lightness even when things can start to feel “heavy.”  She is warm, compassionate and easy to talk to.  Add to these personal qualities her astute insight and powerful questions and you have before you a powerful and effective coach.  Lucia helped me to remember things about myself that I’d forgotten and to stay on track when things felt rather unfocused.  She can take the most scattered, disconnected thoughts and energies and start to make sense of everything, which helped me to nail down tangible actions I could take.  I am grateful for her coaching.  It has helped me to feel more in alignment with my authentic self and to boost my confidence for the way forward.   I feel blessed to have met her and worked with her as a coach!

Melissa Nuwaysir, Life Coach (State of Washington)

Lucia has been the catalyst for a revolutionary change in the way that the BI team works.  Whilst embracing Scrum and Agile practices is a team cultural change and its successes are reflection of the team effort, the BI team would not have made that change without the guidance and coaching of Lucia.  Her enthusiasm, passion and demonstrable experience have challenged us constantly to reevaluate how we can apply the guiding principles of Scrum and Agile not only to change the way we think and act, but to continuously improve our processes and the value that we provide to the business.
The biggest change of thinking and behaviour that has resulted from her coaching has been seen in the culmination of the delivery being managed by self organising feature teams committing to delivery based upon predictable capacity. Lucia’s experience, drive and coaching have been key in getting us to the point whereby we were able to demonstrate the value of this approach empirically, change the culture of team organisation and project planning from stakeholders down to the development teams. Lucia is a very inclusive person who naturally brings people together. She is charismatic and infectiously positive. All the way during this journey Lucia has been a passionate, enthusiastic coach and mentor. I cannot commend her highly enough as I feel that without her contribution we would not be in the in the place we are today or reaping the benefits in increased team engagement and value to the delivery streams that we now enjoy.

Rob Parker, Head of BI Architecture (Gibraltar)

Lucia is a present and passionate coach who clarifies the objectives of the coaching session very well. Her warmth shines through and she has a graceful power which really enhances the coaching session. Throughout our sessions together I have been able to explore where I want to go with my business in a supported and positive environment and I always felt like she kept me on track and in a productive place.

Sam Allen, Life Coach (Switzerland)

Lucia created self-awareness of our needs through conversations where we could reflect and expose challenging symptoms impacting our agility. Through multiple rounds of these coaching sessions, we identified some of the root causes but also techniques to increase agility and improve performance. Through Lucia’s passion in living the values and improvements in performance demonstrated by implementing change, we started our journey towards adopting Agile. Lucia maintained balanced, unbiased views to build consensus across teams and leverage collaboration, enabling the teams to adopt alignment-building and continuous improvement activities. Lucia periodically reassessed the teams maturity level and guided them through a continuous improvement approach until they became to do it themselves.

Gary Fitter, Program Manager (United Kingdom)

“Lucia is a joy to work with.  I was able to quickly connect with her personality and style.  She maintains an energized coaching session that helps me get to better and creative outcomes.  She does a fantastic job getting you to really think about your goals and identify what you want to change.”

Chester Jackson, Agile Coach (Texas)