An enterprise level assessment is the first step to know where your organisation is and make an informed decision on your training and coaching needs.

We look at the organisation from different perspective and prepare a 360 degrees assessment, answering questions like:

  • How is the product vision communicated and understood?
  • Are teams empowered to make decisions and experiment safely?
  • What is the dominant leadership style and how is that influencing the culture in the organisation?
  • Are people motivated and energised, committed to deliver the best product for their customers?
  • What values identify the organisation and how are they embedded in the culture?
  • How is the organisation learning and continuously striving for better performance?
  • Is feedback used as a strategic tool to learn and improve?
  • How is the organisational structure supporting the company goals?

We will guide you in the discovery of you desired end state and help you identify strategic initiatives to get there.

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