“At the end of the day, your job

isn’t to get the requirements right

— your job is to change the world

(Jeff Patton)

“At the end of the day, your job isn’t to get the requirements right — your job is to change the world”

(Jeff Patton)

Passionate catalysts of others’ value

Who is a Product Owner?

A Scrum a Product Owner is accountable for maximising the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team. S/he is also accountable for communicating the product vision, creating an emergent and prioritised product backlog that is understood by the Scrum Team. S/he does that by making informed decisions on what the team should deliver based on consumer insights, competitor analysis, product assumptions’ validation.

What does a Product Owner need to be outstanding?

The product owner is often thought of as a tactical role dedicated to managing the product backlog and interacting with the development team. However to fully own a product much more is needed. A Product Owner has to formulate an inspiring vision, balance competing requirements, segment the market, facilitate product discovery, create an effective product strategy, create roadmaps, select and apply the right product KPIs, make decisions on how the product should evolve. In a few words, s/he needs to be fully equipped with techniques to manage the whole lifecycle of a product.

What is the journey of a Product Owner and why should you start yours?

The Scrum Alliance certification path is a structured approach to elevate your knowledge and skills as a Product Owner and equip you for product management from every angle.
You will learn and gain the skills required to navigate the uncertainty of ever changing market conditions and customer needs.
You will increase the value delivered by your teams by solidifying your learning about product discovery and validating assumptions, customer research, stakeholder management, forecasting, release planning and working with multiple teams. You will advance your career towards product management and increase your confidence in dealing with stakeholders and teams, identifying and understanding your customers.

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