Very often, when we are stuck in an emotional state, we tend to focus on negative emotions rather than thinking of an emotional state that would serve us better.
It’s interesting that most people rarely ask themselves which mindset they’d like to be in at any given moment.

As Coaches, we often use techniques for clients to experience what a successful state looks like and help them mobilise their resources to transition to that state.
This means allowing them to experience how they feel if they achieve what they want and shift to a higher energy that actually empowers them to make it happen.
It is so much easier to identify your next steps by looking backwards instead of planning from a emotionally negative state.

But how can this be useful for ourselves if we are not working with a Coach?

Just thinking about it could help us transition to where we would like to be and use our resources differently to get the most out of our time. We always have a choice!!!
Looking at emotions as a choice can help anyone move forward: if we are stuck in frustration, it does not mean we can’t leave it… It is our choice to be intentionally choosing the emotional state we embrace at any moment.

So, what emotional state do you want for yourself to live today at your best?