How my CTC journey changed me

How I was and what I wanted to be

I started my CTC journey in August 2017 and I was not even a CSP. Why did I start? I came across a colleague who achieved the CSP, I was curious and I started to read about certification paths on the Scrum Alliance web site. I read the requirements and I thought: “hey, this is what I want to be!“. I like challenges: I decided to start my journey.

If I had to say how I was, I would say unaware of how hard it would have been, of myself and others, of how deeply this journey would have changed me. However I was sure about what I wanted to be: a Certified Team Coach, that was the goal! I would also say I was determined: there are not so many things I am willing to give up and this is probably one of the reasons why I can talk about this now!

What happened along the way

My self-discovery started when I met my mentor Cherie Silas, who took me by hand and to whom I owe a lot of what I have learned and of what I am now. The first training I attended with her was a CTC mentoring group. The purpose was to go through the application and identify gaps. It was really useful to fully understand all the questions and discuss the best ways to answer different ones with other candidates. It was also the right start because it increased the awareness of how much I had to learn: this is not a certification, this is a learning journey, so identifying the gaps helped me to plan how to get there.

I decided to continue my journey with Cherie and focus on improving my mindset and enhance my coaching skills through learning and practice. The next step was Professional Coaching program, based on ICF core competencies. I became more and more passionate about coaching and spent a lot of time practicing with peers, listening to my recordings to understand what I had to improve, joining other mentoring groups to learn from other qualified mentors. I also joined the ORSC program to know more about relationship and systems coaching and I learned a variety of techniques that I use to help my clients think outside the box.

I became part of a wider Community. This is not a journey you can make on your own: you need support from people who have been through it, you will find and give motivation to others that are going in the same direction as you, you need a mentor to guide you. I met incredible people that I consider friends: they practiced with me, they gave feedback on my application, they encouraged me when I felt it was too hard. I will never stop thanking them for being there for me.

How I am now

With my own surprise I realised that achieving my CTC was not “the goal” anymore.

Getting there was very rewarding, but it was a landmark in a longer journey. My passion for coaching drives me towards a destination that is now just learning and improving, bringing value to my clients and helping other coaches in their growth.

The biggest reward for me is the way it changed me in a better person, not only a better coach. It turned me into a lifelong learner.

How you have to be to get there

For those who are starting this journey now, here are a few tips that might help you:

  • be humble and search for help, you will need it
  • unlearn before you feel hunger for learning
  • fail, fail, fail! – having a safe environment to practice and improve is key
  • be open and willing to change – you will have to think differently
  • be determined, don’t surrender – it is going to be hard at times
  • get involved – the Community is a great place to grow
  • enjoy the journey!