This post comes from a chat with someone who asked me how I would introduce my role as a coach to a new client, someone who does not know what coaching means.
I started to scribble a few sentences and this is what came out of it…

First of all thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Before we start I would like to clarify my role, as I need your permission to coach you!

In these sessions you will bring your own topic – a challenge, a tough decision, a conflict or a difficult relationship – and I will be your thought partner.
I will help you explore the topic just asking you questions and I will guide you to find your own answers.

This is a safe space for you to share anything that is keeping your mind busy or is concerning you and I will keep everything strictly confidential.

I will never advise: you are better placed than me as you know people and challenges around you, I don’t.
In addition to that, I believe you have the full potential to overcome your own problems and achieve your goal.

If you are struggling to come up with an answer, I will use different tools that will help you explore what is inside you and will get you closer to where you want to be.
I will ask for your permission every time I do that.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with a tool or you don’t want to explore a topic, please be clear about that and we will stop immediately.
If you ever want to move in a different direction or you want to change the goal of our conversation, that is fine too because this is about you, not about me.