If it doesn’t challenge you,
it won’t change you

(Fred DeVito)

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”

(Fred DeVito)

This is not just a training journey: this is an invitation to become the best version of yourself!

International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Professional Coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

At Coaching Outside the Box, we believe that full partnership with our clients is the key element of transformative conversations. The coaching relationship is aimed at empowering our clients to boost their growth, and help them achieve their own objectives with motivation, in an effective and sustainable way. In our approach to Coaching Education, we focus on the qualities you have to nurture as a Coach, to achieve a deep and successful partnership with your clients.

The educational journey we share with you is not just about professional growth, but a personal transformation. Changing who you are, the way you deal with your own emotions, how you listen, empathise and relate to others both at work and in your private life.

We are going to help you discover what needs to change in yourself so that your potential can emerge.

How would you like to begin your transformational journey?

Let’s choose together the best path for you

Professional Coaching is for you

  • If you are an Agile Coach, you will learn how to be effective with leaders and teams who do not need pre-defined solutions, but a neutral partner that can help them find the best answers for themselves and be independent in their choices. Why should you start a Professional Coaching journey?  Read more on our blog post. 
  • If you are a Facilitator or an Organisational Coach, you will learn the advanced skills you need to help an individual, a group or a team, achieve a specific outcome. You will help nurture their relationships, grow their emotional intelligence, and increase their performance.
  • If you are a Leader or a Manager, it will help you learn to listen to your people better and understand their needs even when they are not spoken. You will help unlock their potential. You will be able to inspire and catalyse change, becoming the leader you want to be and your people need.


E se invece avessi bisogno di perfezionare il tuo approccio al professional coaching? 

Virtuali e interattive, le masterclass sono spazi sicuri di apprendimento in cui i coach più esperti possono dare nuovo impulso alle proprie competenze e alla fiducia nelle proprie capacità.
Masterclass dopo masterclass, perfezionerai il tuo modo di fare coaching e stringerai legami con altri coach per condividere esperienze e crescere insieme professionalmente. 

Qual è la prossima?

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Non è ancora chiaro cosa sia il Coaching e perché è diverso dalle altre professioni a supporto della persona?
Non è un dubbio amletico: proviamo a schiarirci le idee insieme!