Build your coaching skills

to hold transformational conversations with those around you.

Embody a coaching mindset through our ICF accredited Level 1 Coaching Training Program

Are you a facilitator, leader, HR professional, coach or someone with a strong desire to help others succeed?

This program blends theory and practice to teach you how to have transformational conversations with those around you.

Complete this Level 1 program and receive your qualification as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Welcome to our ICF Level 1 (ACC) program

While our program meets the highest standards in coaching education, it’s not just about getting your ACC certification.

 This Level 1 course gives you the tools and resources coaches draw upon to become better leaders. Develop skills in listening, asking questions, empathising, and building the right skills to have transformational conversations. This Level 1 course will teach you to build trust and deepen your connection with those around you.

 Through a blend of theory and practice, you will learn to embody the mindset and attitude of a coach to help those around you succeed.

 Completing this course will allow you to become an Associate Certified Coach. But more importantly, it will give you the confidence to handle any situation with a client.

ICF Level 1 Course Structure

Our Level 1 program will build your skills and confidence to start a coaching practice and catalyse transformation in those around you.

 We offer two targeted courses designed to build your coaching practice and elevate your skills to ACC standards. Each module contributes to the educational hours required for Level 1 (ACC) accreditation.

 Upon completion, we will grade one of your recorded coaching sessions demonstrating the required skills and award you the ICF ACC certification — a significant step forward in your coaching journey.

Not ready for the whole program just yet?

No worries! You can still take these courses independently to earn ICF accredited training hours.

Course 1: Unlocking Conversations

Take your first steps towards being a professional coach.

As a result of a new and deeper awareness, you will become a better communicator, coach, and leader.

You will become skilled in asking powerful questions at decisive moments to trigger transformational processes for your clients.

Course 2: Deepening Conversations

Developing a strong partnership and a confident presence is crucial to deepening your connection with clients and enhancing their progress.

By learning and practising advanced coaching competencies and techniques, you will learn to dance with your clients in a thought-provoking process that generates insight and forward movement.

You will build a confident presence to handle difficult client scenarios and deal with strong emotions. You will catalyse sustainable change in those around you. Ready to become a trusted partner?

Group Mentor Coaching

What our students say

ACC accreditation requirements

Here is what you need to achieve ICF ACC certification through our Level 1 path:

  • Complete our Level 1 program
  • Complete and log 100 coaching hours from the start of this training
  • Provide a recording of one coaching session with a transcript that demonstrates your skills
  • Pay the ICF exam fee – US$175 for members and US$325 for non-members
  • Complete the ICF New Credentialing Exam

Meeting these requirements is your responsibility and is not covered by our program. For more information, visit ICF Credential Paths.

Our Level 1 course streamlines your journey to ACC certification, helping you become a recognised Associate Certified Coach in the easiest way possible. Our course provides a comprehensive education pathway that includes a series of classes and practical experiences. Once you’ve met the certification requirements, we can serve as your accreditors.

How to earn your ICF ACC certification through our Level 1 coaching training program

Our Level 1 coach training program provides a structured and comprehensive process to help you earn your ICF ACC Credential.

 Here’s the full roadmap to achieving this prestigious certification:


Enrol in our courses to accumulate the necessary training hours for your certification. Earn your certificate of completion of ICF accredited training.


Maintain a detailed coaching log from the outset of your training to track your progress until you reach 100 hours of coaching experience.


Join our 5 weekly group mentor coaching sessions and 2 individual mentor coaching sessions, which are instrumental in refining your coaching skills.


Earn your certificate of completion of an ICF Level 1 program. 


Submit one recorded coaching session that demonstrates your ability to perform at the ACC level. We will be your assessors!


Pay the fee to the ICF and complete the new ICF Credentialing Exam, an online assessment that evaluates your understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.


You’ve reached the culmination of your hard work! You’re now eligible for the ICF ACC Credential. 

Why choose Coaching Outside the Box?

Our ACC training is approved by the ICF as an accredited Level 1 coaching education program.

When you enrol in any of these courses, you’re receiving training that aligns with the highest industry standards.

  • Reputation: As a globally recognized ICF accredited coaching school, Coaching Outside the Box carries a reputation for excellence. Under the leadership of Lucia Baldelli MCC, our programs are synonymous with quality and professionalism.
  • Community: We offer more than education. We provide a community where coaches can connect, share experiences, and support each other’s growth.
  • Impact: Our training is designed not only to enhance your coaching skills but to empower you to make a significant impact on individuals and the systems you work with.
  • Philosophy: Our core belief is that by investing in the development of coaches, we contribute to a broader wave of positive change in the world.


Starting on the journey to become an ICF Associate Certified Coach can be exciting but it’s natural to be confused. Here are some of the most common questions we get about our Level 1 Certification Program.

What is the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential?

The Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential is a prestigious certification supplied by the International Coaching Foundation (ICF).

It’s designed for beginner coaches, facilitators, leaders, HR professionals, or anyone looking to have transformative conversations and develop other people’s potential.
Becoming an Associate Certified Coach isn’t just a badge of honour. It’s a recognition of excellence.
It shows those you work with that your practice is aligned with a rigorous code of ethics established by a renowned international accrediting body: the International Coaching Foundation.

What are the ICF levels?

Level 1, 2, and 3 accreditations are intended for coach education providers who are interested in having their education organisation accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
These levels correspond to the ICF’s tiered system of coaching education and credentialing:
– Level 1 is designated as ACC (Associate Certified Coach) Accredited Education.
– Level 2 is for PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Accredited Education
– Level 3 is for MCC (Master Certified Coach) Accredited Education
Levels 1, 2, and 3 refer to the depth of your training as a coach in line with the ICF Competencies and standards. Each level represents a step up in terms of the coach’s expertise, experience, and ability to facilitate transformative coaching sessions.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

The main difference between Level 1 and Level 2 within the ICF framework is in the depth and complexity of the coaching education provided.
Level 1, associated with ACC accreditation, is an entry point that establishes foundational coaching skills and an understanding of the ICF Core Competencies. It’s ideal for those embarking on their coaching journey.
Level 2, which leads to PCC accreditation, delves deeper into advanced coaching methodologies, strategies, and ethical considerations. It’s designed for coaches who have already acquired some experience and are looking to refine their skills further. They may aim to work with a more diverse range of clients and potentially take on leadership or organisational roles.

What is the difference between ACC and PCC certification?

ACC and PCC are beginner and intermediate level coaching certifications provided by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). They stand for Associate Certified Coach (aligned with Level 1) and Professional Certified Coach (aligned with Level 2).

This is how the ICF defines each in turn:
“ACC coaches demonstrate fundamental knowledge of the ICF Core Competencies of coaching, the ICF Code of Ethics and the definition of coaching. The ACC is designed to include coaches early in their coaching career and professionals who understand the value of integrating a coaching approach into their practice.”
“PCC distinguishes coaches with the verified skills required for effective coaching practice and substantial experience partnering with clients”. It demonstrates proficiency in your practice.
The ICF PCC Certification, or Professional Certified Coach credential, is a prestigious designation that signifies a more advanced level of coaching expertise and experience. It also requires a higher number of training hours compared to ACC.

Can I join your courses if I already have completed a Level 1 program?

Yes, you can! If you’ve already completed a Level 1 program, we will welcome you with open arms to join our Level 2 courses: From ACC to PCC and Coaching Leaders.
Our programs are designed to build upon the foundation you’ve already established, enhancing your coaching skills and preparing you for the next tier of your professional journey.
By progressing from ACC to PCC, you’ll be delving deeper into the intricacies of coaching, learning advanced techniques, and gaining the confidence to coach at a higher level.
Our courses are not just a continuation but an elevation of your coaching capabilities. They are tailored to seamlessly integrate with your prior knowledge, ensuring that your transition into Level 2 is both smooth and rewarding.

Can I attend only one of your courses?

Yes, you can! Our courses are designed to be flexible and to accommodate your unique journey as a coach.
If you choose to attend only one of our offerings, we recognize the effort and commitment you’ve made to enhance your coaching skills. Therefore, we will issue a certificate of partial completion that you can still use towards your ICF accreditation.
Each module you complete is a step forward in your professional development, and we honour that by providing credentials that reflect your progress.
Whether you are expanding your knowledge base, seeking to specialise in a particular area of coaching, or simply wanting to pace your education, our program respects and supports your path to excellence.

Which training should I choose?

Choosing the right training hinges on where you currently stand in your coaching journey and what you envision for your future.
If you’re embarking on this path for the first time, beginning with a
Level 1 coach training[1]  is the way to go. Similarly, if your previous training wasn’t ICF-accredited, a Level 1 course is essential to lay a solid foundation.
For those who are certain that coaching is their calling and aim to achieve PCC accreditation, a direct leap to Level 2 could be the most strategic move. This choice is ideal if you’re prepared to invest time and resources into an extensive program right from the outset.
Alternatively, if you prefer to progress gradually, a viable and sensible approach is to start with Level 1 to secure your ACC accreditation and then advance to Level 2 when ready. This phased progression allows you to grow at your own pace while ensuring that each step takes you closer to your ultimate goal of PCC certification.
Link to Level 1 page when it’s completed and published.

What are the benefits of an ICF coaching credential?

Earning an ICF credential increases your credibility and visibility to prospective clients by demonstrating that you completed training that meets the highest standards in coaching education.
This mark of quality assurance tells clients that you are committed to ongoing professional development and that you adhere to a strong code of ethics.
In the world of coaching, an ICF credential is akin to a seal of excellence; it sets you apart in a crowded marketplace, where clients are seeking the assurance of competency and professionalism.
It’s not just about the knowledge you gain; it’s also about the confidence it instils in your clients, as they know they are in capable hands.
An ICF credential also opens doors to a global community of top-tier coaches, offering networking opportunities, continuous learning, and a platform to share best practices. With this credential, you’re not just building a career — you’re elevating the entire profession.

How to become an ICF accredited coach?

To become an ICF accredited coach, you must first complete certified coach training, which lays the foundation for acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.
After fulfilling this educational component, you are then eligible to earn a credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is recognized globally as a benchmark for professional coaching standards.
Credentialing is a meticulous process that involves obtaining, verifying, and assessing the qualifications of a coaching practitioner. It’s not just about holding a certificate; it’s about documented evidence of rigorous education, comprehensive training, and practical experience that meets the ICF’s stringent criteria.
By navigating this path, you’re committing to excellence in coaching, ensuring that your practice is aligned with the highest industry standards and that you are well-equipped to facilitate transformative results for your clients.