“You don’t have to be great to

get started but you have to

get started to be great.”

(Les Brown)

You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.

(Les Brown)

Engage an Enterprise Coach to change perspective and find the compass for your organisation to evolve

If you and your organisation are unable to achieve those strategic goals you have been aiming for, if your team is unable to tap into its collective power, you are in the right place at the right time.

Over the last twenty years we have met and supported hundreds of companies who did not just want to improve their performance but, above all, needed to rebuild a corporate culture where everyone could grow professionally and personally. They needed to work as a team, to collaborate, to trust each other again in order to express their full potential and thus achieve extraordinary business results.

Does it sound familiar?

Enterprise Coaching is the answer to those organisational processes and team dynamics that do not actually run as they should.

Good news is that it can be done but, in order to succeed, it is important to:

  • define strategic goals and business outcomes you are aiming for;
  • create a plan to transform what is not working for you and your organisation;
  • develop more intentional relationships by leveraging the tools of Relationship Systems Coaching;
  • shape a shared corporate culture;
  • eliminate internal barriers and conflicts between teams, build trust and communication for greater collaboration and improved performance;
  • create a positive working environment for everybody
  • trigger long-term change.

Our Enterprise Coaching method is a journey in four main steps, to be explored together with our certified Coaches.
Four major phases to build the foundations for long-term sustainable change towards an organisational culture where people can thrive, even when we leave you and your team to continue the journey on your own.



How do your people feel about working in your organisation?
What is stopping your teams from working at their best? What would they like to change to be happier and more productive? In the first phase, we use a variety of methods, both formal and informal, to map out the status quo in your organisation, starting with a few simple exploratory questions. An in-depth customised assessment will give you and your team the opportunity to see your organisation through another pair of eyes for the first time. From a neutral and external perspective, the analysis will show you what is hindering collaboration, what is undermining employee engagement and negatively impacting performance.



What would you like to see as a result of our work together? What needs to be there that is not in place when we start? What is strategic to focus on in order to grow your organisation? In step 2, we define measurable goals together, work with the whole team to co-create a plan to achieve them, and facilitate leadership team alignment. At the end of the contracting phase, we have a clear idea of the path to take, so that we can focus all our efforts on what really matters for your organisation to thrive.



The time for questions gives way to the time for answers. During this step, we create together with the team a shared vision of an inspiring change, identifying the catalysts for an effective organisational transformation. This step might include strategy workshops, work with the leadership team, team kick-offs, team coaching and alignment meetings. In this phase where change really takes shape, employees rediscover that it is still possible to work in teams in a collaborative and stimulating way, reducing misunderstandings and unspoken needs, and cultivating the value of belonging.



Our mission is to create change that can self-sustain over time. That is why during the last step we create shared structures, built by tapping into your strengths and the potential that will have been unlocked by then, to help you move forward with your own resources. Together we will see the birth of a shared corporate culture based on greater collaboration, collective learning and experimentation that will take your organisation to the next level. Because success is the result of teamwork, not individual achievement.

Change perspective with our Coaches:

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