“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves;
good leaders raise the bar for others; great
leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.

(Orrin Woodward)

Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.

(Orrin Woodward)

Grow your leaders to transform your business into a place where everyone can thrive

Our Intentional Leadership programme is a personal and professional growth journey for leaders who learn to know themselves better in order to work at their best. Here at Coaching Outside The Box we believe that a great leader can grow without a great organisation, but that a great organisation cannot grow without great leaders.
That’s why leaders who follow our coaching journey take responsibility for creating a shared corporate culture that allows their teams to unleash their potential with extraordinary impact across the organisation. Participants work to build intentional leadership and train the skills needed to inspire others, looking at their own role from a new, and more effective perspective.

It is an introspective journey that leads you to:

  • discover what kind of leader you are;
  • draw the picture of the leader you want to be;
  • shape together the culture you want to bring into your organisation;
  • boost your confidence and overcome personal barriers to perform more effectively;
  • learn how to get the best out of your teams and create a positive working environment;
  • catalyse change effectively, inspiring others.

Each participant’s transformative journey may be different because everyone has unique potential, but in each experience we apply the tools of Relationship Systems Coaching to tap into unknown resources and generate insights.

It is a modular 3-step programme that suits your needs and those of your organisation.



In group coaching sessions, each leader reviews his or her journey to assess the impact to date, both individually and collectively. Group coaching brings the conversation into a more intimate context, focused on goal setting, deepening your awareness of core issues, action and accountability.
By engaging in meaningful dialogue with other participants, you can achieve a better understanding of different perspectives and challenges that can lead you to deeper insights. We will start with a question, to raise your awareness of yourself and your future: what kind of leader do you want to be?



Along the way, new skills will allow you to get closer to your future goal through customised training tailored to you. Our approach to training is based on the principles of neuroscience and leverages small bite-sized learning, the most effective way of retaining new information, experimenting, learning, and adapting. We discover what “listening” really means to better understand who is in front of us. We build relationships based on trust within the organisation. We learn the culture of effective and constructive feedback. We address toxic behaviours, learn how to resolve team dysfunctions. We set pragmatic goals aligned to strategic objectives. We shape corporate learning culture to promote creativity and innovation.



In Individual Coaching sessions, you determine the relationship goals to work on, and the challenges are hindering you from achieving them today. You discover how to evolve to be the leader you want to be and step into a new leadership style in a conscious and intentional way. The one-to-one coaching sessions are an intimate and safe space, where you meet a thinking partner who can help you identify and overcome your own barriers, and boost your self confidence.

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