Face to face with your growth

Face to face with your growth

Executive coaching

I’m Lucia Baldelli, ICF Master Certified Coach, and this is my very own individual coaching space for executives and it’s the most intimate space of all the Coaching Outside The Box services.

What is going to happen in such confidential moments? In one-to-one meetings we’ll delve into deeply transformative conversations together.

You are going to have a partner ready to walk next to you. 
I will help you discover the deepest dimensions of your personality and identify your values.
Together we will access your potential, all that is intangible, difficult to explain or unknown even to yourself.

In this safe space, meeting after meeting, you will see your confidence in your abilities grow, you will overcome challenges that you never thought you could face, you will achieve success with your own resources, both in your private and professional life.
We’ll work together to define the goals of our coaching relationship, and then discover the beliefs and the challenges that are preventing you from achieving them.

You will discover that change is possible by holding on to your authenticity.

I am certain of two things: you will reach your destination, and you will have all the tools to move forward, relying on your own strengths, as you never thought you could.

We cannot expect things to change, without lifting a finger.

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