“Trust is a product of vulnerability
that grows over time and requires

work, attention, and full engagement

(Brenè Brown)

Trust is a product of vulnerability that grows over time and requires work, attention, and full engagement

(Brenè Brown)

Restart your team to build strong relationships in your business, improve collaboration and foster innovation

Is there something still wrong with your teams?

Are they not yet well established or do they find it difficult to break down barriers that seem impossible to overcome? Are there any misunderstandings, unmet expectations, toxic behaviours? Is there a lack of a common vision or shared strategy to achieve important goals? Are relationships with stakeholders too difficult? Is an effective way of thinking or exercising leadership missing?

If all or some of this sounds familiar, you are in the right place!

Over the last twenty years we have supported many teams at all levels and at different stages of their maturity, teams with high cultural diversity or geographically distributed, who wanted to improve their effectiveness to have a more significant impact for the business. Teams that needed to team up, break down communication barriers, feel like a single entity in order to express their full potential and thus bring extraordinary results to their organisation.

Team Coaching is the answer to improving team dynamics that are not working as they should.

At Coaching Outside the Box we do this by:

  • aligning team members on what is important to them individually;
  • establishing behavioural rules to ensure safety and vulnerability;
  • identifying and working on patterns that do not help;
  • increasing the emotional intelligence of the team so that they can talk about everything;
  • developing more intentional relationships;
  • bringing clarity to the team’s mission;
  • designing strategies to achieve important goals;
  • aligning the team and stakeholders on the objectives to be achieved;
  • improving communication and dynamics inside and outside the team;
  • creating a habit of open dialogue and constructive feedback;
  • reinforcing reflection aimed at continuous improvement of collaboration;
  • triggering new effective and sustainable habits.

Our Team Coaching approach is based on Systemic and Relationship Coaching techniques, that our certified Coaches leverage with significant competence.

Patrick Lencioni said, “Trust has to do with vulnerability: members of a team who trust each other learn to feel comfortable opening up and exposing their own failures, weaknesses and even fears to each other.”
Through Team Coaching we help teams of any seniority to establish behaviours that enhance trust and collaboration, eliminate toxic behaviours and misunderstandings, overcome difficulties and conflicts, become intentional in the way they interact and collaborate.
Only then will you be able to see the results you have always hoped to achieve!

Strong relationships for shared team goals:

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