CTC/CEC mentoring program

Lessons: 11
Duration: 16 hours
Language: English
Delivery: Hybrid
Type: Mentoring

Exactly what you need to be successful!

This online competency-building program is aimed at strengthening facilitation, coaching, mentoring and teaching skills that are necessary to be an effective multi-team coach. It is designed for Agile Coaches, Scrum Master and CTC or CEC candidates who want to take these skills to the next level and make a significant impact while coaching multiple teams. The aim of the program is to equip you with everything you need to achieve your CTC or CEC qualification. 

This mentoring program is taught by Lucia Baldelli, one of the few ICF Master Certified Coaches in the Agile World. She is also a Certified Enterprise and Team Coach with Scrum Alliance. It is a blend of video content, assignments and live sessions on your CTC or CEC application. You will decide the pace and book the live sessions at your convenience!!!

This is the only mentoring program that allows you to work on your application and get it done as you go through the program and none of our students has been deferred!

We will go through the CTC and CEC application, understand the meaning of each question and clarify any doubts you might have. You will get the chance to write answers to the questions every week and get mentor feedback on the message you are communicating.

FACILITATION COMPETENCY – We will work on improving the mindset of an Agile Facilitator. We will learn and practice advanced facilitation techniques, such as Liberating Structures, to design effective workshops for multi-team virtual or in person facilitation.

SYSTEMS COACHING COMPETENCY – How can we bring the right mindset in enterprises that are going through Agile Transformations? How can we apply coaching skills in these contexts? We will discover how to do it and also talk about Scaling, sustainability and Leadership coaching.

MENTORING COMPETENCY – We will practice mentoring conversations and understand how to develop individuals and teams in a mentoring relationship.

TEACHING COMPETENCY – We will learn teaching techniques to design and deliver engaging participant-centred training sessions. We will practice teaching topics at your choice.

The total contact hours are 16. You will earn 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs upon completion of this program.



Here are all the topics covered in this course.

CTC and CEC journeys:

  • CTC and CEC process
  • CTC and CEC questions 
  • Why candidates fail – what you need to succeed 


  • Kaner’s model of participation
  • Advanced facilitation techniques


  • Starting a relationship with a new organisation or team: contracting and designing an action plan 
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Coaching Systems
  • Scaling


  • Mentoring from a coaching stance
  • Mentoring during Agile Transformations


  • Teaching from a coaching stance
  • Advanced brain-friendly teaching techniques.


CTC/CEC mentoring, session 1 – Welcome!
You will receive a certificate of participation documenting the completed learning hours. You can use this certificate with Scrum Alliance in your certification process.
Not necessarily. We write a letter of recommendation if we believe you are ready to achieve your certification. If you are not ready yet, we will identify areas of growth and explore how we can work together to help you achieve your goal.
To get the most out of the course, we recommend that you work on your application as you go so that you can get feedback from your mentor. You will decide the pace and book the live sessions at your convenience!
Thomas Roberts
Agile Coach (United Kingdom)

The CTC mentoring program provided me a path of understanding through my application process, where I got support from Lucia and others who had attended the sessions. It ran at a pace where I was able to go away and work on parts of my application and come back to the group with questions. The mentoring program is very valuable for someone either thinking about applying for their CTC.

Octavio Levy
Agile Coach & CTC (Argentina)

My experience in the CTC program was awesome! Lucia is an incredible mentor and truly cares about your growth. I was able to clearly understand each part of the application. The feedback from Lucia and other participants helped me a lot to understand how to make my coaching more effective. Without realising it, at the end of the program I had almost completed my application! Lucia's mentorship helped me take my coaching skills to the next level, challenging me to reflect on different scenarios. I strongly recommend this program!

Mark Spitzer
Agile Coach & CTC (Texas, USA)

I highly recommend this CTC Mentoring Program. The path to become a guide level coach with the Scrum Alliance is challenging and this program will help you understand what it takes to get there. Lucia did an excellent job structuring our learning, supporting our work, and providing great feedback to help us succeed.

Manohar Jakkireddy
Agile Coach (USA)

I attended the CTC mentoring program and it was an eye opener for me. The mentoring program helped me to realize where I am. It also helped me to understand the depth, subject and focus areas of the CTC certification. The topics discussed helped me to scale my knowledge and skills to the next level. I have now immense confidence and understanding of the CTC application.

Ivo Peksens
Agile Coach & CTC (Latvia)

The CTC mentoring program by Lucia is an awesome learning experience. I joined the program with passed CTC part 1 and it helped me very much with working on part 2 of the application. The other aspect of the program is that you make new connections with people like you: eager to learn and move on beyond the regular. Join this program if you can, you won't regret it and it is worth it!!!

Amalia Manoliu
Agile Coach, Romania

This mentoring program gave me tremendous value and can’t recommend it enough for people that want to go through CTC journey. Lucia was adapting the topics and agenda based on group’s overall skills and needs. She is very knowledgeable in what is required for CTC app. A bonus value was the collaboration between us. I met people going through the same journey and I found support from people that I can now call my friends.

Lessons: 11
Duration: 16 hours
Language: English
Delivery: Hybrid
Type: Mentoring
CTC/CEC mentoring program
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