From Coach to Systems Coach

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Lessons: 32
Duration: 48 hours live and 12 hours of videos
Language: English
Delivery: Hybrid
Type: Class

The evolutionary step of your coaching journey

Think back to everything you have learned in our From Zero to Coach course. This is your next step: it’s a magnifying glass on the knowledge you are already familiar with, that brings into focus new and unexplored aspects that were not visible before. In this new journey, participants come to fully understand the essence of systemic coaching, and develop the mindset and skills needed to become effective team coaches.

This new stage in the journey of transformational coaching gives a significant boost to your coaching.   It will help you make a stronger impact as a  team coach and as an Organisational and Relationship Coach, artfully blending challenge and support. You will learn how to have transformative conversations with any team, and  deal with interdependent systems with different levels of complexity. 

Is this for me?

This course is suitable for coaches who have already started their professional coaching career and have acquired individual coaching skills: organisational coaches, agile coaches, managers, leaders, therapists, teachers, human resources professionals and many other professionals who want to increase their own skills of coaching teams. We recommend that you attend our From Zero to Coach course before embarking on this programme, if you haven’t already. 

Why should I join?

Because you will see with your own eyes the growth of

  • your personal value, as this course explores every coaching skill, with a special focus on what a system coach is and how they interact with systems. Developing a mantra and philosophy will be the key to your personal and professional growth. For those participants who fully immerse themselves in the coaching process, a silent confidence and purposeful growth will begin to emerge. The change in every participant will be evident and tangible. 
  • your professional value, as every system coach will be trained to deal with systems made by two or more people. You will understand that what is visible is not the only thing that happens in a system, as there are also silent voices from the past and present that can have a deep impact on those involved in the system, even to the point of undermining useful dynamics and growth. The system coach learns how to coax these voices into the open to facilitate understanding, unlock opportunities and, in some cases, allow the system to heal itself. The insights, tools and techniques you will learn in this course are not to be found elsewhere. It is a course that is not to be missed.


This course focuses on understanding how the updated ICF Core Competencies can be applied and extended when working with relationship systems. The course is highly interactive and based on activities, discussions and real-life examples. Participants practice each competency in class and experience its impact through reviews of various recorded coaching sessions and scenario-based coaching practice.

The course has a duration of 64 hours and is divided into:

  • 10 hours of video content
  • 30 sessions of 1,5 hours each
  • 6 hours of recording review

Each session takes place in Zoom and we use Miro as a collaboration tool. All sessions are recorded. Participants get access to our library of coaching demos providing an opportunity to listen to advanced coaching sessions.

Let’s take a closer look!

Topics included in this course: 

  • Individual coaching vs Team coaching vs Group coaching 
  • Systems as entities 
  • Listening to a system 
  • Asking powerful questions to a system 
  • Creating a coaching agreement with a system 
  • The journey of a Team Coach
  • The role of the Team Coach
  • Your mantra and philosophy as a coach
  • Roles in the system
  • Building confidence and trust with a system
  • Having a systemic view
  • Engaging with a wider context
  • Creating awareness within the system
  • Generating results
  • Team growth, individual perspective and leadership
  • High performance and dysfunction in a system
  • Communicating directly with a system
  • Working with power and senior management
  • Technique: the problem at hand
  • Technique: paper constellations
  • Technique: informal constellations
  • Technique: deep democracy
  • Contracting with an organisation
  • Ethical practice with relationship systems.


Level 2, session 01 – Team vs group coaching
Level 2, session 02 – Relationship Systems
Level 2, session 03 – Active listening
Level 2, session 04 – Listening to a system
Level 2, session 05 – Asking powerful questions
Level 2, session 06 – Cultivates trust and safety
Level 2, session 07 – System coaching journey
Level 2, class recordings
In addition to receiving a certificate of participation documenting the completed training hours, you will receive an education in coaching that exceeds industry standards.
This course is video recorded. However, if you want to meet the requirements for your certification, you won’t be able to miss more than 6 out of a total of 30 sessions. If you miss a session, you will be required to watch the recording and send us an email with a summary of what you’ve learnt.
Each weekly call lasts 90 minutes. However, there are some videos you will have to watch before each lesson. We recommend about an hour practice to embed the learning before the following class.
Once you have purchased our course, you gain access to our library where you can watch videos and coaching demos. All learning resources will be available in your personal profile.
For sure! When you purchase our course, you have to select ‘bank transfer’ payment, submit your details for the invoice and contact us to agree the instalment plan that best suits you.
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Lessons: 32
Duration: 48 hours live and 12 hours of videos
Language: English
Delivery: Hybrid
Type: Class
From Coach to Systems Coach
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