Mindfulness Coaching Certification Course

Date: 22/11 - 20/12
Your Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Lessons: 5
Duration: 10 hours
Language: English
Delivery: Live
Type: Class

From Doing to Being in the Moment: Harness the Power of Now in Your Coaching Practice

In our Mindfulness Coaching Course, you will learn to integrate the principles of mindfulness into your coaching practice. By creating a grounded presence, you can develop a safe space to deepen both your conversations with your clients and their transformation. You will gain not just theoretical knowledge but also practical experience, mentorship, and coursework designed to hone your skills. This course provides you with practice hours and qualifications that are recognised globally.

At Coaching Outside the Box, we understand that real change comes from within. By helping your clients embrace the present experience, you’re creating space for them to grow their self awareness through their sensations, triggers, beliefs, values, needs, and wants. Through mindfulness, you can better guide your clients to connect more deeply with their inner self — and bring about deeper transformations in the process. 

This course will shift your attention to what is happening in the here and now. As a participant, you will learn:

  • how to make more conscious choices about who you are ‘being’ in the room
  • how to leverage your clients’ and your own present experiences to encourage growth
  • new actionable ideas that will immediately add a new dimension to your coaching practice.

A pioneering pilot course, this mindfulness coaching course consists of 5 weekly sessions, each lasting 2 hours, offering an immersive experience that balances theory with hands-on practice. We plan to accredit it with ICF for Continuing Coaching Education (CCE), ensuring that it meets the highest standards of coach training excellence.

What does a mindfulness coach do?

A mindfulness coach is a specialised practitioner who brings the principles of mindfulness into their coaching practice, not just to their own life. As a mindfulness coach, you can leverage these practices to enhance your clients’ self-awareness and mindful living and help them navigate the complexities of life with greater clarity, calm, and presence.

Mindfulness Coaching: the art of partnering with clients in a grounded and thought-provoking process that nurtures their awareness in the present moment.

A Mindfulness Coach brings presence to the conversation with an attitude of curiosity and non-judgment. It’s about creating a space for your client to amplify their self-awareness while keeping the conversation in the now. It is not just about speaking to the person behind the problem, but also about engaging with that person as a whole in the here and now — and this might be different from who they were yesterday or who they will be after the session. 

Who is this mindfulness coach training program for?

Our mindfulness coach training program is crafted for those who are committed to enhancing their coaching practice, attracting more clients, and providing a profound, transformative experience. It’s for professionals who recognise the power of presence and wish to deepen their capacity to facilitate change.

This program is for you if:

  • You often catch yourself stuck in models, tools, and frameworks during your sessions instead of making conscious choices and responding to what is happening.
  • You invite your clients to reflect on the problem they are facing instead of how they feel about it.
  • You catch yourself making judgments or approaching the client’s challenge with pre-conceptions instead of making space for what they are experiencing.
  • You feel uncomfortable when strong feelings show up instead of welcoming whatever is emerging with no judgement.
  • You believe everything the client is telling you instead of understanding that the stories they share are based on their perceptions and assumptions.
  • You unconsciously avoid “places” you do not want to visit instead of skilfully sharing your experience.
  • You allow the client to stay in the past or future but not so much in the present — the only real experience!
  • Your client’s goals are more important than their own wellbeing in the present moment, and you accept that instead of helping them see the impact on who they are being.

If any of these resonate with you, our course offers not just a qualification but a transformational shift in how you approach coaching.

Do you want to know more? 

Discover the value of our Mindfulness Coaching Certification and get ready to transform people’s lives!


Course outline

This Mindfulness Coach Certification Course is meticulously designed to enrich your coaching practice with mindfulness. By completing this course, you will gain actionable insights that will inject freshness and depth into your coaching sessions. You’ll walk away with a profound understanding of how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your practice, thereby elevating the coaching experience for your clients and setting a new standard for what it means to be present in each moment of the coaching journey. Here’s a snapshot of our course outline.

Session 1 – Being Grounded As We Start

  • Dive into the core principles of mindfulness and its benefits for both coach and client.
  • Learn techniques to ground yourself and help your client achieve a centred state at the beginning of each session.
  • Establish present-focused session agreements and explore the factors that shape your coaching presence.

Session 2 – Harness the Present Moment: The Coach

  • Learn the power of self-awareness in the present moment as a tool to use the self in your conversations.
  • Discover methods to connect with yourself and use current experiences to unlock insights into your client’s inner world.

Session 3 – Harness the Present Moment: The Client

  • Leverage the present experience and foster a non-judgmental stance to enhance client self-awareness.
  • Deepen their connection to their own being, bringing their insights to the next level.

Session 4 – Small Group Practice

Session 5 – Mindfulness Coaching in Action

  • Integrate all previous learnings by observing and analysing a recorded coaching conversation.
  • Implement what you’ve learned in no time during extensive practice with mentor feedback.
Date: 22/11 - 20/12
Your Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Lessons: 5
Duration: 10 hours
Language: English
Delivery: Live
Type: Class
Mindfulness Coaching Certification Course