Unlocking conversations

Date: 16/01 - 30/04
Your Time: 10:00 - 11:30
Lessons: 16
Duration: 30 hours live and 7 hours of videos
Language: English
Delivery: Hybrid
Type: Class

Every expert was once a beginner!

During this coaching course, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), you will take your first steps towards being a professional coach. 

  • You will get to know the mindset and the skills required to become the coach that all your clients would like to have by their side.
  • You will learn to work in partnership with your clients to help them  go on an introspective journey to achieve better balance and fulfilment.
  • You will help your clients focus and achieve their goals more easily and effectively.
  • You will experience how coaching can unlock people’s potential at work as well as in many contexts in their private lives.

Is this course for me?

This course is suitable for whoever wants to start a professional coaching journey and help other people grow. It is for team and organisational coaches, agile coaches, people managers, leaders, therapists, teachers, HR professionals. There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Why should I join?

Because you will see with your own eyes the growth of

  • your personal value, as a result of learning and practising coaching competencies, previous students have reported an increase in their listening capability and a deepening of trust in interpersonal relationships.
  • your professional value, as a result of a new and deeper awareness, participants become better communicators, better coaches, and better leaders. They become skilled in asking powerful questions at decisive moments in order to trigger transformational processes for their clients. They learn to solicit the unspoken voice to open doorways of understanding for their clients; both individual and team.

An authentic course

This course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and it is part of our Level 1 program. If you complete this course, you can earn up to 35 training hours towards your ICF-ACC qualification.


The course is focused on understanding the updated ICF core competencies that, as individual parts of a story of growth, come together to create transformative conversations. The course is completely interactive and uses activities, discussions and real life examples. Participants practise every coaching competency in class and experience its impact from different angles – coach, client and observer – during coaching dojos.


The course is structured as follows:

  • 16 x 1.5 hours sessions on core competencies – ½  hour of theory and 1 hour of practice in each session
  • 7 hours of video content 
  • 1 opportunity to receive written feedback on your recorded coaching sessions.

Each session is run in Zoom and we leverage Miro as our collaboration tool. All sessions are recorded. Participants get access to our library of coaching demos providing an opportunity to listen to advanced coaching sessions.

Let’s take a closer look!

  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning
  • The coaching agreement
  • The structure of a coaching conversation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Evoking awareness
  • Evoking client growth
  • Direct communication
  • Building trust and safety



You will have to complete our course Deepening Conversation in order to fulfil the ICF training requirements for ICF-ACC. Before you start your ICF certification process, you will need something else but don’t worry: we will assist you and provide you with all the information you need during our course.
Here’s what you will be required to proceed:
- complete a 10 hour mentor coaching program (7 group, 3 individual)
- create a coaching log of at least 100 hours (of which 75 are paid) with at least 8 different clients; the log must begin after the start of our course and at least 25 hours must be completed within 18 months before the day of your application
- record a coaching session where you showcase your ACC skills.
In addition to receiving a certificate of participation documenting the completed training hours, you will receive an education in coaching that exceeds industry standards.
This course is video recorded. If you miss a session, you will be required to watch the recording and send us an email with a summary of what you’ve learnt.
Each weekly call lasts 90 minutes. However, there are some videos you will have to watch before each session. We recommend about an hour practice to embed the learning, before the following class.
Once you have purchased our course, you gain access to our library where you can watch videos and coaching demos. All learning resources will be available in your personal profile.
For sure! When you purchase our course, you have to select ‘bank transfer’ payment, submit your details for the invoice and contact us to agree the instalment plan that best suits you.
Vegar Hatlevik
Agile Coach, Romania

Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations have been a transformational journey for me, not only teaching me about coaching but helping me build the skills that I can apply in my daily work. Whether you want to get certified or you just want to learn, you will never look at the world the same way again. It’s like one of those optical illusion games. Once you have seen it, you cannot unsee it!

Sriharsha B
Agile Coach, UK

Joining Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations was the right decision for me. My perception of coaching changed completely thanks to this program. The coaches took us on a wonderful learning journey. I had many light-bulb moments and put a lot of theory into practice (not just from the certification perspective, but real-life too). Highly recommended!

Maria Chietera
Agile Coach (Germany)

Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations changed the way I show up at work, in my relationships and with myself. Our mentors did an amazing job of introducing us to the subject of coaching from scratch, and guiding us forward by alternating theory with lots of practice. I am beyond grateful to have been part of this program and would highly recommend it.

Kate Lavelle
Agile Coach, Texas

During Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations I gained an understanding of what coaching is and how transformative it can be. The aspects of coaching that resonated with me as the most valuable were: powerful questioning, cultivating a partnership, deep listening, silence, and using metaphors.

Jude McCrea
Health Care Executive, Pennsylvania

When I initiated the "Unlocking Conversations" course, I had no idea how much this course would augment my learning and how much I would value connections with the instructors and my classmates. I have been stretched in my prior knowledge of coaching, and have greatly gained through the classroom learning opportunities. I would recommend this course to anyone currently coaching, or interested in coaching.

Ionut Bejenaru
Agile Coach, Romania

I had an incredible time during Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations. I got a 10x return on the time, money and effort invested. And because of the quality of these courses, I went through an entire year of wonderful experiences. Today I am different, personally and professionally; I am truly a better version of myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift of coaching.

Daniela Latorre
Lawyer, Louxembourg

Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations led me, step by step, to create a coaching mindset thanks to an effective balance between theoretical teaching, supporting materials and practice, always accompanied by professional, open, direct and enlightening feedback! It has been therefore an individual journey on a path of full sharing and discovery of my own potential as a coach and that of my travelling companions.

Agnieszka Grodzka
Agility Lead, Poland

Full presence with someone, building trust, and listening on verbal, non-verbal, and emotional levels are the skills I had a privilege to build on throughout Unlocking Conversations and Deepening Conversations. In my personal life, it has opened for me the space, where I learn to better understand myself and others. I know it has been an amazing start towards the journey, that coaching surely is.

Date: 16/01 - 30/04
Your Time: 10:00 - 11:30
Lessons: 16
Duration: 30 hours live and 7 hours of videos
Language: English
Delivery: Hybrid
Type: Class
Unlocking conversations