Agnieszka Grodzka
Agility Lead, Poland

Full presence with someone, building trust, and listening on verbal, non-verbal, and emotional levels are the skills I had a privilege to build on throughout the course From Zero to Coach. In my personal life, it has opened for me the space, where I learn to better understand myself and others. I know it has been an amazing start towards the journey, that coaching surely is.

Amalia Manoliu
Agile Coach, Romania

This mentoring program gave me tremendous value and can’t recommend it enough for people that want to go through CTC journey. Lucia was adapting the topics and agenda based on group’s overall skills and needs. She is very knowledgeable in what is required for CTC app. A bonus value was the collaboration between us. I met people going through the same journey and I found support from people that I can now call my friends.

Giuseppe Santoro
CEO (Italy)

The Agile Coaching course gave me many new concepts, strategies and practical tools to improve the quality of my work. Lucia is a talented trainer able to teach you in a modern way: funny, informal but at the same time highly professional.

Krzysztof Niewiński
Agile Coach (Poland)

Very good training introducing you to the world of professional coaching. Friendly form, interesting exercises and DOJOs! Thank you Lucia!

Damian Galka
Agile Coach (Poland)

Strong take-aways from this course. The trainers interacted with the group to create ground for common work. This online training was professionally organised.

Nicolas Chirio
Scrum Master (Belgium)

Great job transmitting expertise in coaching and facilitation. Live demonstration of techniques to resolve your doubts, answer your questions and help you solve issues you may be facing in your workplace. At the end of the training I was able to apply my newly acquired coaching skills to my teams and be better at my job.

Jacqueline Metrowich
Agile Coach (South Africa)

A professional and always engaging ICP-ACC virtual course. By the end of the course we had all experienced a shift towards a coaching mindset which we were able to benefit from in our day-to-day Agile Coaching work, thanks to the guidance and many practical exercises provided during the course.

Annalisa Cocco
Agile Coach (Italy)

Lucia is one of the most talented and experienced professionals in the field, I have been very surprised her expertise and desire to help us embrace a new mindset. A great experience with a brilliant and fabulous coach as Lucia is.

Maria Chietera
Agile Coach (Germany)

The course From Zero to Coach has changed the way I show up at work, in my relationships and with myself. Our mentors did an amazing job of introducing us to the subject of coaching from scratch, and guiding us forward by alternating theory with lots of practice. I am beyond grateful to have been part of this program and would highly recommend it.

Mark Spitzer
Agile Coach & CTC (Texas, USA)

I highly recommend this CTC Mentoring Program. The path to become a guide level coach with the Scrum Alliance is challenging and this program will help you understand what it takes to get there. Lucia did an excellent job structuring our learning, supporting our work, and providing great feedback to help us succeed.

Ionut Bejenaru
Agile Coach, Romania

I received many gifts throughout this class. The precious ones are the gift of confidence and clarity. I am more aware of what teams and organizations need from coaching, which gives structure to my thinking. I now have better tools to engage with teams and help them achieve their dreams.

Jamie Collins
Agile Coach, UK

The course From Coach to Systems Coach taught me to ask questions to the system rather than the individuals. I have learning that the relationship between team members is where I need to be focused. I'm going to try presenting myself as a relationships coach!