Sriharsha B
Agile Coach, UK

After my first coach training, I had two questions. Is coaching scalable? How challenging is it to work with a system/group? The course From Coach to Systems Coach had the answers to my questions. This tailor-made programme transformed my thought-process to become an effective Team Coach. I had a lot of a-ha moments throughout the course. The key learning was to partner with a system to find a common ground to overcome its challenges.

Amalia Manoliu
Agile Coach, Romania

The class From Coach to Systems Coach grew me into a better Team Coach session by session. I'm more observant of the space, energy, dynamics, more comfortable with conflict, more focused on the system's human relationships.

Simas Torgovickis
Agile Coach, Lituania

The class From Coach to Systems Coach helped me to observe the surroundings of my teams differently. I understand how a system interacts, its triggers and roles. This class taught me how to coach the team to evolve, become self-organised and fully in control of its own actions. Definitely a “game changer” for me personally as well as professionally.

Vegar Hatlevik
Agile Coach, Romania

From Zero to Coach has been a transformational journey for me, not only teaching me about coaching but helping me build the skills that I can apply in my daily work. Whether you want to get certified or you just want to learn, you will never look at the world the same way again. It’s like one of those optical illusion games. Once you have seen it, you cannot unsee it!

Aleksandra Gepert
Agile Coach, Poland

The ICAgile Agile Coaching class was an exceptional experience: it opened many, many doors in my head and made me realise how I want to work with people and how I can be a better help for them. It's amazing how I got all the answers to the questions I've been asking myself lately and wasn't aware that I will get them so soon.

Octavio Levy
Agile Coach & CTC (Argentina)

My experience in the CTC program was awesome! Lucia is an incredible mentor and truly cares about your growth. I was able to clearly understand each part of the application. The feedback from Lucia and other participants helped me a lot to understand how to make my coaching more effective. Without realising it, at the end of the program I had almost completed my application! Lucia's mentorship helped me take my coaching skills to the next level, challenging me to reflect on different scenarios. I strongly recommend this program!

Manohar Jakkireddy
Agile Coach (USA)

I attended the CTC mentoring program and it was an eye opener for me. The mentoring program helped me to realize where I am. It also helped me to understand the depth, subject and focus areas of the CTC certification. The topics discussed helped me to scale my knowledge and skills to the next level. I have now immense confidence and understanding of the CTC application.

Thomas Roberts
Agile Coach (United Kingdom)

The CTC mentoring program provided me a path of understanding through my application process, where I got support from Lucia and others who had attended the sessions. It ran at a pace where I was able to go away and work on parts of my application and come back to the group with questions. The mentoring program is very valuable for someone either thinking about applying for their CTC.

Marta Rozewska
Agile Consultant, Poland

This course opens new spaces in the mind, raises self-awareness, and also gives an answer on how to deal with difficult situations. The course is interactive and invites discussion, which increases the effectiveness of learning. The meetings were great fun and the huge knowledge of the trainers, both theoretical and practical, made me after every class looked forward to the next meeting! Thank you!

Ionut Bejenaru
Agile Coach, Romania

I have enjoyed immensely the ICAgile Agile Coaching class. I am a knowledgeable practitioner and still got a ton of value out of it, and I think this has to do with how Lucia and Karen facilitate the class. I have engaged with the classmates on the knowledge presented, debating, integrating, and debriefing. I recommend you to join this class as your time, money, and effort will be worth it.

Rob Parker
Head of BI Architecture

Lucia has been the catalyst for a revolutionary change. Her passion and experience have challenged us constantly to improve the value we provide to the business. The biggest change of thinking has been seen in the culmination of the delivery being managed by self organising feature teams committing to deadlines based upon predictable capacity. Lucia’s experience, drive and coaching have been key in getting us to the point whereby we were able to and change the culture of team organisation.

Gary Fitter
Delivery Director

Lucia created self-awareness of our needs through conversations where we could reflect and expose challenging symptoms impacting our agility. Through multiple rounds of these coaching sessions, we identified techniques to improve performance. Lucia maintained balanced, unbiased views periodically reassessing the teams maturity level and guiding them through a continuous improvement approach until they became to do it themselves.