Brandy Jemczura
Executive Director (USA)

Lucia played an important role in my journey as a non-profit leader. She helped me gain increased awareness and shifted my perspective on challenges that I faced in my work. Through her coaching, I uncovered strengths within myself and that I hadn't known existed! I learned to be both kind to myself and firm in the priorities I set for my life and work. I would highly recommend Lucia as a coach!

Helena Quinn
Senior Data and Technology Insight Adviser (United Kingdom)

Lucia has helped me to discover things about myself that I couldn't have realised otherwise. Certain things I thought about myself or my environment felt like they had been 'unlocked', or barriers removed to help me gain confidence in myself as a leader. She has also helped me to come up with structures to remind myself of the things I have learned during our time together, which have really stuck with me. I can't recommend Lucia highly enough!

Joyce Blommaert
Agile Transformation Lead, Netherlands

In our individual sessions I was able to dive into 3 big topics I was struggling with in my job. Lucia was able to, despite the fact that everything was digital, give me an immediate sense of psychological safety which ensured that I was able to dig deep into why I was struggling. She did not give any answers but she guided my towards coming up with the answers myself. That is, to me, a big strength and the reason why I would recommend working with her.