“Life begins at the end
of your comfort zone

(Neale Donald Walsh)

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

(Neale Donald Walsh)

Travel kit for transformation

We believe that the only way to feel happiness and fulfilment is to be the main character of your own life, not a background actor.  Difficult relationships, challenging times, and obstacles to overcome can lead us to think that we have no choice. We feel stuck between walls that are too high to see what is happening beyond them.

At Coaching Outside The Box we believe that if you learn to know ourselves deeply, listen to your own needs and make choices that are aligned to your values, you can live the life you dream for yourself. Our individual and group coaching programmes help you to shift perspective and work with a coach to finally achieve your full potential. We will partner with you to help you transform your private and professional life in the direction you want.

Each path is customised, as each client is unique and has unique strengths, attitudes, and challenges to overcome. That is why we design your journey together, outline the objectives that emerge from the coaching relationship and travel by your side to discover what is preventing you from reaching your destination. You will find new answers to your questions and learn to take steps on your own, along the way towards your growth.


Together or in a group, the important thing is to go!

All about you

Individual Coaching

Coaching and therapy are different. Coaching is a partnership that is aimed at helping you gain new insights about yourself and how to achieve your goals effectively and bring happiness and fulfilment in a specific area of your private or professional life.

You will become a better version of yourself!

Here are just some of the goals we can help you achieve:

  • Invite your authenticity and tuning into your true identity
  • Bring to light what is really important to you, in line with your values
  • Clarify your vision of success and plan how to achieve it, overcoming limiting beliefs that separate you from endless opportunities
  • Make new, unexpected perspectives your own during times of impasse
  • Find the right direction in difficult phases of your life
  • Increase your self-confidence and emotional resilience
  • Nurture your personal and professional happiness and fulfilment
  • Achieve balance between work and life

Imagine how much more we can do together!