Group coaching

“Life is a matter of choices, and
every choice you make makes you

(J. C. Maxwell)

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you”

(J. C. Maxwell)

Do you feel in control of your choices? How often do you choose to not choose? How would your life be different if the choices you made were more intentional? Have you ever imagined how you and your life could be if the choices you made were more intentional?

We always have the ability to choose. However, we rarely choose consciously and fully perceive what is happening, because we prefer to move on towards something that seems to be the easiest solution. We opt for something we think is right, however it may not always be right for us.

Often we just react to events. We rarely stop to think about our choices. Choosing how to act is the key to transforming our life, the relationships we build and the outcomes we achieve.

When our choices are driven by our core values, the array of potential options we come across will be in line with our inner self,  who we really want to be and what we feel more genuinely.

Being in possession of the ability to choose our path knowingly is incomparable.

Think about the freedom to take a step only when you have reflected on the desired outcome it could lead as well on its possible implications.

And now, put your imagination aside and start to see and touch the transformation that awaits you, starting from the programme of our course.

The programme

Six transformative group coaching sessions will lead you through an exciting and easy process of learning how to become self-aware and live active.
You will really make choices through your own values.
A coaching programme helping you decide how to revolutionise your future in order to achieve the results you were hoping for and bloom the true essence of your life and individuality.

Through small group conversations and engaging activities, you will discover more about:

  • how you choose and who you are in regards to your choice
  • the core beliefs that drive your choice
  • how your values, emotions, experiences are playing a role in making your choice
  • how you live, experience and honour the choice once you make it
  • how you learn and adapt according to the outcome
  • how you can overturn your attitude to choice to be in control of your life.

Is Agility in Making Choices for me?

This programme is for people who want to rise and glide in their own life. For those ready to veer bravely toward a new awareness. For those who want to reborn by taking steps toward a less familiar, yet more correct way.

What is group coaching?

Small groups of conversation for an extraordinarily effective learning mode.
Group is a safe, intimate, unique place shared with other people who want to reach similar results. Group coaching includes programmes oriented to collective wisdom facilitated by our Coaches.

From goal setting to development of self-awareness on key issues, from propulsive action to discovery of active responsibilities, through a meaningful dialogue with your colleagues you will acquire a better comprehension of different perspectives and challenges that may lead to more profound insights and more tangible visions.