Our mission is to unleash human potential through coaching. Our work transforms the lives of the coaches, leaders, teams and organisations with whom we interact and we are passionate about growing our students into better professionals and human beings. We believe in the greatness of our clients and students and we are committed to guide them through their journey to flourishing. 

Our vision is to transform the world into a better place through coaching and we do this by:

  • Expanding access to coaching and empowering other coaches to bring transformation in the world.
  • Growing leaders who bring the power of coaching to their organisations and the communities they serve.
  • Supporting leaders to shift their mindsets to solve big, complex, messy problems with grace and clarity.
  • Inspiring people to connect to their true selves and live to their values, in balance practicing compassion, kindness and self-care.

Our Team

Lucia Baldelli

Founder and Director of Training

Chester Jackson

Coaching Instructor

Raquel Silva

Coaching Instructor

Maria Chietera

Coaching Instructor