Managing Director and Coaching Instructor

“Choose a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life” (Confucius)

I don’t know if Confucius was completely right, but I have no doubt that this is the job I love.

Why? Because coaching has a truly fascinating, unique power: it makes possible what we do not think could be possible.

I am a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise and Team Coach (CEC and CTC), as well as part of the CTC Review Team.

I am passionate about Organisational and Relational Systems Coaching (ORSC) and use systems coaching techniques when working with large groups.

I work with international coaches, leaders and professionals who are somehow very similar to me: they want to stop being background actors and finally live their lives as main characters. In order to do so, they are willing to give up old patterns of thinking and behaviour that limit their actions and blur possibilities and choice.

Of course, every human being is afraid of failure. What frightens me instead is living a life that does not satisfy me: that is why trying, trying and trying again to put myself on the line is the only way forward.

“Courage is a muscle that can be trained with coaching”

This is why my project Coaching Outside The Box was born. Inside the box is my mission: to unleash the potential of my clients, igniting the energy that each person has within him or her, unmasking old patterns of thinking in order to leave behind everything that separates them from achieving their goals. But that’s not all: I also get excited about teaching coaching to others, so that they can spark transformation in the lives of the people they follow, with the same energy and passion that I do. Our mantra at Coaching Outside The Box is that we are all “wired to evolve”, and this cannot happen unless our perspectives change.

I am Italian, although you would never know it if you heard me speaking English or Spanish.
I lived in Gibraltar, the British corner of Andalusia, for a long time and for more than twenty years I have been working with multicultural people and companies, geographically distributed all over the world, supporting hundreds of coaches, teams and leaders of different standing. They are executives and leadership coaches to leaders all over the world: we often meet at crucial moments in their careers. I help them manifest the change they want to be and see in the world.