Why becoming a Coach is the start of your personal transformation? 2/5

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Why becoming a Coach is the start of your personal transformation? 2/5

In the first post of this series, we introduced the personal transformation you will experience after you embark in a coaching journey. Specifically we talked about what will change when you are in a dialogue. In this post we will share some reflections about what will change in your relationships and in the way you interact with people around you: not just your clients, but also your family, friends, and colleagues.

Relating emotionally

When we relate to others, we are often emotionally detached. We do not pay attention to the signals that indicate what emotions are present and what is being communicated by the other person. We are able to hear the words but we do not feel what the other person is experiencing or we project what we would feel in a similar situation. We probably struggle to experience authentic empathy towards others. A coaching journey will grow true curiosity in you. What is the other person experiencing? What makes it a challenge for them? What is the unique experience they are having? You will learn to tune into someone else’s experience and understand others better, be more compassionate. And that will have an incredible impact on your relationships.

In addition to that, in coaching we explore the emotions that are being brought to a conversation, we invite our clients to feel them in their body, we use them as a tool to that allows them to discover what needs attention. Before we can do that, we need to learn to connect to ourselves and understand what we are feeling in any given moment and why. We need to develop the emotional awareness and the capability to listen to our body, notice the feelings that emerge and decide what to do with this information in a more conscious way.

In the next post we will explore how a coaching journey can help you become more vulnerable and compassionate.

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