Why becoming a Coach is the start of your personal transformation? 3/5

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Why becoming a Coach is the start of your personal transformation? 3/5

In the last post of this series, we shared some reflections about what will change in your relationships and in the way you interact with people around you – not just your clients, but also your family, friends, and colleagues – if you embark in a coaching journey. In this post we will explore how a coaching journey helps you develop vulnerability and self-compassion.

Being vulnerable

When we are curious, we normally ask questions that allow us to know more about the other person or the topic. The risk here is the data transfer from the client to the coach. We do not need to know and we need to shift our curiosity in a way that enables the client’s discovery about the topic or about themselves. During a coaching conversation you have no answers and no idea about how the conversation will unfold. This requires developing confidence, courage, and vulnerability. You are an imperfect human and you have to be ok with it. The personal transformation is about accepting our own imperfections and flaws by embracing self-compassion and trusting yourself and the coaching process.

These are just a few of many examples but the underlying theme is the capability to understand who you are and what you feel in any given moment, so that you can control your ego and use what you see, hear, notice, feel to enable discovery for someone else in the room. Before you can serve your clients, you have to develop the capability of mindful interactions, focused presence, and a new level of awareness of yourself and what is happening around you. That will make you feel more grounded and in alignment with who you really are.

In the next few posts of this series we will explore other aspects of the personal transformation of this journey. Stay tuned!

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